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This blog is for some of the #DearSingleLadies writers. I hope this blog encourages you in one way or another. As I too am single…as in not married. Rather in my case, no longer married. I stand as a defense for those that’s never been married or are divorced and patiently waiting. I’ve seen my fair share of #DearSingleLadies Facebook and Twitter posts that comes across rather strong and some down right harsh. I see very few share how hard it was for some of you when you were single and dating. No one shares how hard it was to not have sex before marriage or better yet how some struggled WITH having sex before marriage and everything else in between! See this posts isn’t in regards to EVERYBODY but just the far and in between that tell you “how hard marriage is”, “don’t be in a rush to be married”, and “it’s not all it’s cracked up to be”…however, these are the same ones that share all the wisdom-ologies of #TeamMarriage, #PowerCouple, #MarriageRocks, and #Marriage101. I’ll be the first to tell you that marriage DOES indeed take work, much prayer, and a roll of duct tape! Yes, duct tape because sometimes it takes everything in you to not say EVERYTHING you want to say! (I’m just saying ;))

Let me share on behalf of myself and other #DearSingleLadies that are hopeful of sharing in the beautiful unity of marriage that GOD created. See before every woman got married she was single…so what was your journey like? Now for those that didn’t date, gave herself wholly to the Lord, had no struggles with sex or the curiosity of sex and of the sort…I truly applaud you and YES…you were definitely a “KEPT” woman so this exempts you. But for those that strrrrrruggled, you had to fan yourself when you were flushed with heat and realized it was thirty-five degrees outside, you had one conversation going on in your head but your body was having another one of its own…tell the #DearSingleLadies how you “pressed through”! Tell us how you slipped and slid into places because you were too close to the edge with nothing to grab ahold of but that six foot frame. (Hmmm…) Please tell the #DearSingleLadies how he broke your heart, rejected you, manipulated you, and deceived you and then you discovered what brokenness felt like so you could understand what wholeness felt like. Please tell the #DearSingleLadies that you understand how frustrating it is, how tiring it is standing at the alter praying God sends you a good, faithful man and all its “benefits”. Feel me?

See, #DearMarriedWoman, some of my #DearSingleLadies need to know that we’re not damaged goods. It would be GREAT to see a post that reads, #DearSingleLadies “I’m praying for you today!” Help encourage one of these #DearSingleLadies that has given up and her heart has turned to stone and her body has betrayed her to take refuge in an illusion. Please tell the #DearSingleLadies how God can make all things new and ALLOW the process as God is building character, integrity, and smoothing out the rough places. I would try to fit it all in here but I might as well save it for my next blog…my own personal letter to my #DearSingleLadies!

#DearMarriedWoman, I know you probably mean well and your heart may be in the right place but please try and remember that words are better spoken from the hearts than from the lips.



The Day After…

The overwhelming joy of encountering love. The goosebumps. The stomach flip-flops. The suppressed appetite. You smile as that special someone name flashes across your Caller ID. There is a smile in your voice and you’re grinning from ear-to-ear but if only they could see it. Everything seems to be important to talk about. An hour on the phone seems like only fifteen minutes have passed. You had a to-do list that became secondary because the person became a priority, unintended. It feels to good to be true yet it feels “just right.” You find yourselves engulfed with talking about the future abstractedly, painting your dreams like a Thomas Kinkade portrait. Full of color and vivid imagination. Perfectly etched on the canvas of your heart hoping the other person sees it as clear as you do.

You find yourself talking about the past of what was and what you care to not go through again. You put the memory away with no chances of reminiscing about the encounter until now. You’re reminded of the pain although you have made peace with the past. You’re hoping the other person will appreciate the fact that you’ve conquered and won; the battle wounds are a simple reminder… or so we hope. You have now moved into the present and wondering to yourself, “Where is THIS going?” You try to calm the anxieties that are going on internally because you’re trying to decipher “hope” from “reality” so that you can stay grounded but the sensation of “Could it be?” overtakes your consciousness and you’re praying to God to speak clear so you can hear Him…but, oh to your own dismay your emotions are blasting like sirens! Drowning out the own inner voice. Shielding the things you should see. Time is suddenly moving at blur speed and you look back and ask yourself, “When did I arrive here?!” Your thoughts are contemplating in three and refusing to agree, “Yes? No? Maybe?” You believe and trust in what you feel and you plunge in the ocean of love in hopes to walk on the waves of everlasting. One day love makes an exit and what do you do…the day after?