Give Yourself PERMISSION to be GREAT! 

Hello ‘mPowered Leading Ladies! It’s been awhile but guess what!!! I’M BACK…and better than ever! A couple of weeks ago this phrase has been wringing in my spirit every single day, “Give Yourself Permission to be GREAT!” The Word of God supports this, “YOU, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world” (NIV 1 John 4:4, emphasis added). This scripture starts off talking specifically to YOU…yes, YOU and ME! I am reminded of who I belong to and that I AM an overcomer and “the one” (JESUS) is greater in ME…therefore, greatness is ALREADY inside of me by default of who I belong to and I did nothing, absolutely nothing to deserve such prestige, such honor, such favor…and grandeur success! Our only position is to walk in it! It’s a way of life in how we choose to live it. Success is not limited to tangible assets but what’s more valuable on the inside and in our servitude. Everything else is a bonus and what is more grand than to honor God with our talents (that He’s given us) as a gift back to Him! In addition to that God is like, “Look, I own cattle on a thousand hills…the earth is Mine and the fullness there of…it’s mine anyway but what I want you to do is leave an inheritance to your children’s children!” Ok, you can go ahead and shout right there! Your future is already blessed and and waiting to come to past! Whether you biologically have children on your own or not, it’s all about leaving a legacy!

‘mPowered Leading Ladies, we have already been endorsed to go forth and do great things, overcome obstacles, and do it in the attitude and aptitude of greatness! Go ahead and give yourselves permission to be GREAT!!

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I am permitted!

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