The One Thing You Can Not Afford

Over the past few days I’ve been hearing this repeatedly in my mind, “You can not afford it…you can not afford it!” As I began to ponder on this thought I found myself coming into agreement with it and even saying it aloud. “I can not afford it. I absolutely can not afford it!” I am now totally convinced and there is nothing or no one that can change my mind or persuade me otherwise.

As I transition into this next season I am taking a look back over my life, especially my valley experiences that I am coming out of and my thoughts have been that of much GRATITUDE! It’s easy to sit and recap all the not-so-great moments I’ve had and “get all in my feelings” so to speak. However, I choose to reflect on HOW God protected me, loved on me in one of my darkest hours, continued to provide for me where I NEVER saw lack of no kind! He eased my pain and burdens to allow me to rest IN Him! I appreciate life and understand just how precious it really is. I am truly GRATEFUL beyond what I am able to articulate. Take a few moments and think of one thing (I know that one will be followed by ten more times ten more) that you’re grateful for and speak it into the atmosphere. See, when you look back you’re able to see where and what you’ve journeyed through…it’s looking ahead and TRUSTING God to guide you the rest of the way.

The one thing you absolutely can not afford to do is…GIVE UP!


4 thoughts on “The One Thing You Can Not Afford

  1. yotrip

    Great post Gina. We have to learn to lean on Jesus and not our own understanding. I pray that you keep looking to the hills and trusting that this too shall pass and you will be so much better on the other side of this! Live strong!

    1. "Ms. Gina" Post author

      Thank you, YoTrip! You are correct! I am so very grateful to God! I am in a very good place and all is well…very well! It’s a blessing to even be able to say THAT! To God be the glory! My prayer is that others will too be encouraged and find that place of peace IN Christ Jesus! **HAPPY FEET** over here! Lol!!

  2. Auntie

    Reflection can bring two things joy/relief or pain/grief… you are at a beautiful place sis…keep allowing God to Keep You!


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