The Power of Transition – Discover the Shift

Purpose brings about transition and transition brings about change. It is impossible to execute your purpose without action. The dictionary defines transition as: “movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept to another…” All-in-all, CHANGE is the most misconstrued, misdiagnosed, mis-conceptualized, overlooked symptom of transition. Oftentimes one of the most stifling things we can ever do is MISS the season of transition!

How many of us have held on to jobs, relationships/friendships, living situations, and things knowing that it has not been healthy for you for a very long time? Even through my own personal experiences, (because of disobedience!!) not knowing when the “shift” had occurred in my life led me to make unwise decisions, my integrity as a woman and child of God was compromised, and it filtered into every area of my life and affected my prayer life, my relationship with Jesus, and I became distant from those who loved me most (THANK GOD for those who didn’t give up on me!”) I became frustrated, bitter, and grumbled and complained more than I praised and prayed. I couldn’t function in small areas and life became very uncomfortable. Transition will take you out of your comfort zone! **WISDOM ALERT!**

One of the ways to acknowledge that a shift is taking flight in your life is to get in a quiet place. FIND it! Quiet yourself down. Yes, you may be overwhelmed. You may have to cry it out. You may be frustrated but command your atmosphere. Here’s a simple prayer: “LORD Jesus, I need you. I need your help! In Jesus Name!” He hears the smallest of prayers. God will speak in the least to the greatest of ways. Now for those of you that are use to being in control (or so you think!) ask God to send someone in your life that can assist you with prioritizing your life and discovering those pain points that need to be addressed. Be expedient. More importantly be OBEDIENT! **WISDOM ALERT**

If things seem to be falling apart at the seams, pay attention to details, distractions, and disruptions…find the shift!! Think back 3-6 months ago and see where you were at that time and where you are now. Ask Jesus to reveal to you words and deeds that you have come into agreement with that does not line up with His will for your life. While the transition may be painful, it may give the illusion that you’re moving backwards, and it may not make sense…mediate of this: “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord . “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29:11 NLT)

Stay tuned for the next blog “Power of Transition – Relationships!” This is always a HOT TOPIC so let’s journey through it together! If you have a question you would like to propose, please email i.motivatesolutions@gmail. Also, click the follow button to stay up-to-date, as well as my Blog Talk Radio Show, “The NeXt Level with Ms. Gina!”


6 thoughts on “The Power of Transition – Discover the Shift

  1. Sonya Thompson

    Ms Gina this is powerful insight! Thanks as always for sharing. When I read your blog, I get a sense of a woman who truly writes from the heart and from experience,. I think this is powerful and real to people. Most people try to avoid transition because we don’t like change. The fear of the change is often far greater than the discontentment we experience from just staying right where we are. Transition is a good thing. It’s an indication the Father wants to take us to a higher level in life and connect us to our divine assignment; to open doors for us that lead to our purpose. Most people will never get there and will settle for where they are to avoid the “pain” of change. When we begin to embrace transition, knowing it is the hand of our loving Father directing our steps and see it as a necessity to fulfill our divine design, then we won’t run from change but eagerly accept it.

    1. "Ms. Gina" Post author

      Thanks so much Mrs. Sonya! Glory all to Jesus! What better way to connect and share our different processes with others in hope of avoiding those pitfalls of life. Some don’t recover and my own process of restoration is simply by God’s grace & His bountiful mercy! My prayer & hope is that others will see Jesus for themselves & He NEVER & EVER changes! I appreciate you!! Thx for posting! ❤

  2. Maria

    Ms. Gina. This my first visit to your blog. Very powerful and inspirational word. I will pass this blog along to my friends and I have faith that many will be blessed. To God be all the Glory. Continued blessings to you.

    1. "Ms. Gina" Post author

      Thank you so much Maria, for taking the time to read it. Please visit my other blogs & I pray it some way you are inspired by my experiences. God bless you indeed!


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