Letting Go – Forgive Quickly! Pt. 2

To forgive is a command from the Lord – it is not a request. The Bible reminds us in Romans 5:8 “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were (still sinners, Christ died for us” (NLT). Thank God He doesn’t hold our offenses against us (as we do towards each other). God judges the sin but forgives the sinner and extends His grace; with that being said, I have learned in my own walk that forgiving others sometimes becomes hard to do. In my wanting to obey the Lord, I found saying I forgive you and believing that I have are to different things. Forgiveness is a matter of the heart. If you want to see your heart pay attention to your actions when an offense has come your way and challenge yourself to see if you pass the test.

In my own bouts with dealing with a broken heart that left me shaken, broken, and hurt – I did not know what to do with the array of emotions that I was feeling on the inside. Confused, displaced, and lost as to which direction I should be going in…I could not understand (at the time) that the person’s actions had nothing to do with me, however; it affected me. I took ownership of the pain because it pierced me to my inner core. It is so easy to say, “I forgive you” than to “let it go”. It is a process for the healing but it will come sooner when equipped with prayer and faith in God for deliverance. Deliverance is just not for the unsaved, un-churched, or someone who has drifted from God but also for the spiritually wounded and broken-hearted. While it may be good to seek Godly counsel and prayers – go to the feet of Jesus for yourself – be hones about how you feel – and if it does not line up with the will of God; stay there and God will raise you up.

Forgiving will set you free. Forgiving will give you a peace of mine. Forgiving aligns you with the Father because of your act of obedience. It does not necessarily mean that the pain will immediately but the peace of God will comfort you in ways that will surpass your understanding and it will guard you…Forgive quickly! Stay tuned…

2 thoughts on “Letting Go – Forgive Quickly! Pt. 2

  1. Lady D

    I totally and whole heartily agree with you. Forgiveness doesn’t always happen quickly and I will dare to say that it takes time ( a loooonnnnggg time) to heal from it. But what I have learned in my healing process is forgiveness is a process as well. I compare going through the process of forgiveness like a very foggy day. Early in the morning hours, the fog can be terribly dense whereas you can not see but a few feet in front of you. During this time you drive very cautiously with very little speed, but as the sun starts to peer through the clouds, the fog slowly lifts. As the fog lifts, you drive a little bit faster because you have a clearer view……. That is what my forgiveness journey has been like! And wow…..the fog has been terrible dense..I was going at a snail’s pace……..But I see and feel the sun now and FULL SPEED AHEAD!

    1. Regina Ann Post author

      As I have learned on this journey that the sooner you forgive the quicker the “fog” will clear. When we drag it out it takes longer for the healing to take place. We must come to a place where we fully trust God with our hearts. I dig what’cha saying, my friend! Thanks for posting!


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