Trapped Inside of Me

This blog series, “Trapped Inside of Me” is one that hits very close to home. I want the opportunity to give an introduction as to what I am embarking upon. It deals with the epitome of who I am, who desire to be, and what I desire to do with my life. This series will dig deep within the underlying areas that most would not reveal. The good, the bad, and the ugly.  This is probably the boldest and riskiest thing I have ever done in my life! I am openly admitting that I have an addiction. This addiction comforts me when life throws me curve balls, when my feelings are hurt, when I feel lonely, and/or just plain old bored. It is called “FOOD!” Sounds ridiculous, right? Well, unless you’re walking in my shoes or in my skin, as I am sure many of you may understand and are probably too ashamed to admit it or perhaps you joke about it as I once did to appease my own discomfort.

I have encountered triumphs and successes in my life and I have also encountered failures and disappointments. One of my greatest disappointments has been conquering this mountain of living an unhealthy lifestyle that can potentially render so many health failures, such as: heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, high cholesterol, aching joints, depression, and etc. The list goes on and on. Improper eating, binge eating, and/or overeating also play a significant part in our everyday living with self-esteem, confidence, and judgment from others.  I won’t bore you just yet on what research says about obesity but I will share what it is like inside my world as I take this journey…one day at a time. There is a whole world outside of the world that I live in…or shall I say, trapped in. I have tried this attempt several times in my life but never to the point of becoming so transparent and sharing it with people whom I may never encounter in life, however; if you have lived in this world (metaphorically) that I am talking about, then you know exactly where I am coming from.

This is not a “New Year’s Resolution” or a “quick fix” but a commitment to live my best life because I am only afforded one on this side of time. I invite you on the journey… “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in every way and [that your body] may keep well, even as [I know] your soul keeps well and prospers.” 3 John 1:2 





About "Ms. Gina"

I'm merely a vessel to be used by God. In covenant with the Lord Jesus. I believe the infallible Word of God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit! In which I am nothing without Him. Currently, residing in Orlando, Florida. I am also a budding entrepreneur to coach and motivate women in leadership, youth empowerment, and supporting women in becoming the "MORE THAN" they were designed to be and to go in and possess the land! My blogs are a conglomeration of personal experiences, things "caught and taught", and pearls of wisdom shared. I am a graduate of Nova Southeastern University with a Masters of Science in Leadership and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Come along on the journey with me...WELCOME TO MY WORLD! ~Blessings and Favor! For more View all posts by "Ms. Gina"

12 responses to “Trapped Inside of Me

  • Chenel

    Gina….I, too have a food addiction but THANK GOD I won’t allow it to defeat me. You are a beautiful woman but your health is very important as is mine. Thank you for sharing your testimony to let people like me know we are not alone. I pray you and I continue to claim VICTORY over food and the devil in Jesus’ name!

    • Regina A. Addo

      Hi Chenel! Thanks soooo much for replying! Yes, I have let it all out the bag! I plan to be as transparent & free as I possibly can. Not only to help others but myself more so. So stay tuned & please hit the “follow” but to receive my blogs to your email! 🙂 Click “LIKE” too! 🙂

  • Zanjha Brown

    Let me first begin by saying GOD is proud of you as am I. You have reached inside the depths of your should to pull out the demons preying on you. Food used to be something to refuel the human body. It has become another way for evil to invade your body, mind and ultimately soul. GOD gave humans the ability to feed ourselves and “man” took it and changed it to be something to enjoy, covet and devour. When I was a young girl I used food and any other thing I could find to comfort and console me from the violence of my life. I was bulimic and would binge eat and vomit before it could be digested. I have esophagus issued because of those days. When I was older I ate food for enjoyment and it became sexual for me. If I was enjoying a meal then it led to some sexual act after the meal. Currently, I am trying to master food as a sustaining source and noting more. I want to enjoy a meal without it meaning more to me than food. Congratulations on your journey and I will be here for you 100%.


  • Joel David Onyshuk (@JoelOnyshuk)

    Great thoughts! You know, for the first 20 years of my life I never struggled, but now I sure do! In the past I’ve found great benefit in fasting, Here’s what i mean…

  • Linda Smith

    as a woman of God, I am praying with you and for your strength that you will acheive this goal. I offer your my support thru prayer that God gives us you the strength to be encouraged and keep your focus on the goal, and when you feel that your efforts are in vain hew will send you an angel of mercy that will allow you to go on and not stop. The road maybe rough, he has a navigation system built inside of you that will not allow you take a wrong turn.. He’s at the end of your destination and cheering you!!!It’s your’s, it’s acheiveable and victory is yours.

  • Dee Owens

    I think you are beautiful and courageous for taking this journey and allowing the world the opportunity to ride with you on this personal and heartfelt subject! I pray your strength and I’ll see you at the top diva!

    • Regina A. Addo

      You are definitely 5-Star young lady! Thanks for your support and kind words…I greatly appreciate it. If you feel others will be blessed or encouraged by this series, please pass along! Love ya!

  • Sonja sells

    Hey Sis!

    You know I most definitely can relate and support you 100%. You are a beautiful anointed woman of God. I know that this is only the beginning of something extraordinary so go forth bold and with confidence. Love ya!

  • jehovahsjoy

    Not just a good read but this really a bold statement.. What you’re describing is really spiritual warfare & you have now exposed the partial schemes of your enemy. As you move forward, I plead the blood Jesus over you, your mind & body. I decree the weapons of retaliation formed against you, your family and possession will NOT prosper! Also that every (curse) word against you spoken in the heavens & on earth you shall refute. Your spiritual inheritance will not be denied in Jesus’s name! Press on – others well be set free by your vulnerability before God & his people. Amen!

    • Regina A. Addo

      Thanks sis! I receive and agree! I thank God for you!! All these years and you’re still as gentle, loving, and encouraging since the very day I met you. Thank you so much for your consistency & being an inspration! You ROCK!! 🙂 I pray as I continue to move forth that others take the stand to take charge of their health as well. It’s my committment first to God and then to myself because I’m only afforded on life to live on THIS side of time! Now that I’m consistent with my eating and exercising I feel SO much better, rest better, and confident in taking it one day at a time! Whoop! Whoop! Love you! 🙂

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