The Truth of the Matter

The truth shall set you free! That’s what the Word of God tells us, right? Right! Why are there times when we will believe a lie and ignore the truth? Why do we not move expeditiously when we get the “warning” or the “go ahead” to move or act? Both requires “FAITH”! The “warning” protects us and the “go ahead” releases us to obtain what’s for us. 

Oftentimes the reality of the truth is unacceptable to what we “feel” or “desire” so we find ourselves making the truth flexible to how we want it to be. The truth is a straight shot. Not meant to be bent, re-shaped, broken into segments, or manipulated, but one whole, entire, unadulterated, uncompromised TRUTH! It is what it is. Sometimes the truth does not “feel good”. Sometimes it does not make sense right away. But when does one get to the point where you just trust the truth!? 

Now a lie is far from being a reality. It is presumptuous. It is expected to be believed. It is embellished. It is a sinful fantasy. However, a lie can be twisted, coerced, and convincing to the point of one believing — but it is ONLY contingent upon ignoring that quick little flutter you get in the pit of your stomach. Or the moment you think, “wait a minute” with a small hint of hesitancy. Does this sound familiar? *Hands raised*

Challenge yourself to be truthful in areas where you fall prey to either telling lies or believing them. Ask God to reveal those areas to you and do NOT be afraid to stand on the truth because the “truth shall set you free!” (John 8:32)

6 thoughts on “The Truth of the Matter

    1. Regina A. Addo Post author

      Forgive me for my delayed response to your comment and THANKS for commenting! In response, take the time to embrace your singleness and pray to God for ANY securities that may be lying deep that hasn’t been addressed in your life. In my experience in becoming attached to people that were never meant to be a part of my life I discovered that God ALWAYS gave me a way of escape out of it but due to my own disobedience I continued anyway and the consequences of my decisions were painful. While I may never be able to understand why people hurt one another (especially in relationships) I do not know. I can only be accountable to the decisions I make and the same for you. If you find that you keep attracting the “same” type of men and making the same decisions but expecting different results, pray and ask God to show you your heart and lay those things at His feet and ask for a WHOLE heart and trust the guidance of the Holy Spirit to lead you in the relationship that He has ordained. Don’t look at being alone as lonelinessbut as PREPARATION! I pray your journey finishes well! ~Blessings!

  1. Zanjha

    You have hit the arrow on the bullseye. Many times we find ourselves, in bad situations bc we went with the lie and not the truth. As an exercise i will challenge myself to say out loud when i hear a lie. If i do this i can make my mind stronger and more aware of the lies i hear everyday!

  2. Erin

    Agreed! Truth will set us FREE!! Needed to hear that..I pray more& more for discernment daily! I also want to challenge myself to be more truthful in all areas of life…only with God’s help will that be possible!
    Great reminder 🙂

  3. Lisa Watkins Bridges

    Well done… Turth only when received as truth however produces freedom in the hands of he who possesses. Pray that ppl would go beyond just hearing, or quoting but truly taking a firm hold and not willing to compromise letting it go for anything. Becoming familiar with the real deal is necessary to porperly identify it’s counterfit. 🙂


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