Reaching Beyond the Break…

Life happens. Sometimes our expected turnouts of situations leave us speechless. If you’re anything like me, you become entangled in a cyclone of emotions with your thoughts engaged like a tornado spinning out of control. Your heart is filled with a massive cloud of worry, frustration, and its ready to flood like a Category 5 Hurricane. 

As with any natural storm, the storms of life also passes by. It eventually comes to an end. And as in most uncompromising situations you have to begin putting the pieces of your life back together. Sometimes you’re able to savage pieces of what were meaningful memories of your life and in other cases you will have to start over; as bittersweet as it may be…there is a brighter day beyond the horizon. 

Just like insurance coverage covers us in the event of an emergency, death, and accidents that is what prayer does for us. Prayer covers us and keeps us in direct fellowship with Jesus Christ. Jesus offers us His divine protection through salvation. Prayer does not guarantee that we are exempt from life’s storms but He offers His grace to extend peace that helps us along the journey. Ask God to give you strength and keep…reaching beyond the break!!

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